Nexus between Digital Marketing and Consumer Intention: Mediating role of Brand Awareness


  • Zoshaib Aslam MBA Scholar, Shaheed Benazir Bhutto University Shaheed Benazirabad, Pakistan
  • Aleeza Afreen PhD Scholar, University Sains Malaysia.
  • Areeba Nadeem MBA Scholar, Putra Business School, University Putra Malaysia



Digital Marketing, Consumer Intention, Online Platform, Celebrity Endorsement, Technology, Brand Value


The main aim of this study is to investigate the mediating role of brand awareness in the nexus between digital marketing and consumer intention in the Pakistani digital market. For this purpose, data is collected from university students actively involved in online shopping along with marketing managers of large online companies. A thorough literature review regarding the previous research in the field of digital marketing is presented, along with theories supporting the study's hypothesis. An empirical investigation is conducted by adopting the questionnaires from previous studies. These questionnaires are sent to 400 respondents, and 345 are received back, of which 300 are complete and fit for data analysis. The tests used for quantitative data analysis include reliability analysis, correlation, and regression. Cronbach's alpha values of all constructs are above the acceptable level of 0.7, which confirms that these questionnaires are dependable in measuring the variables. Correlation analysis proves that digital marketing and brand awareness positively and significantly correlate with consumer intentions. Likewise, regression analysis suggests that brand awareness partially mediates the relationship between digital marketing and consumer intention. Finally, some practical implications for marketing managers and large and small companies are presented. It is suggested that digital marketers of these companies must focus on creating brand awareness, which enhances the consumer's intention to use the online platform of these companies. It is recommended that future research should incorporate other variables in this nexus to check if they can also enhance the association between digital marketing and consumer intentions.




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Zoshaib Aslam, Aleeza Afreen, & Areeba Nadeem. (2023). Nexus between Digital Marketing and Consumer Intention: Mediating role of Brand Awareness. International Journal of Contemporary Business and Economics (IJCBE), 1(02), 69–84 .