About the Journal

International Journal of Contemporary Business and Economics (IJCBE) is publishing high-quality multidisciplinary research focusing on business and economics in developing and emerging markets.

International Journal of Contemporary Business and Economics publishes rigorous theoretical and empirical research on developing and emerging markets from multidisciplinary (Management, Finance, Marketing, Human resource, Supply Chain, and Economics) and multinational geographic perspectives. The journal publishes qualitative and quantitative research and reviews articles, such as meta-analyses. IJCBE especially encourages comparative studies of emerging markets or studies comparing emerging markets with developed markets and seeks theories explaining the contextual differences.


IJCBE has multifaceted goals and objectives. The primary purpose of the journal is to provide a valuable forum for the dissemination of knowledge throughout the academic community, and it also seeks to foster a scholastic dialogue that includes both theoretical and practical perspectives. It seeks to facilitate the exchange of cutting-edge research, ideas, and insights between business and economics scholars, academics, and practitioners. Through meticulous peer-review processes, IJCBE endeavours to contribute to the advancement of knowledge. By exhibiting research from diverse geographical regions, IJCBE seeks to promote international collaboration and comprehension by recognising the interconnectedness of contemporary global issues. The ultimate objective of the journal is to contribute to rational decision-making by providing pertinent insights and evidence to academics, policymakers, and industry professionals.


International Journal of Contemporary Business and Economics (IJCBE) is a biannual, peer-reviewed international research journal that addresses both applied and theoretical issues.


IJCBE exclusively accepts submissions through its official website via the Open Journal Systems (OJS) platform (www.IJCBE.com). This web-based submission system enables authors to submit their research articles and scholarly works in a straightforward and structured manner. Using OJS improves communication and transparency throughout the peer review and publication process, in line with the journal's commitment to academic rigor. For complete guidance on how to submit, authors are encouraged to consult the journal's website for submission guidelines.